General Informations
– The machine has 3 vertical spindles with one horizontal spindle, they can help you to finish your model using 4 different shapes of tools with auto steps, so it runs 3-4 times faster than other machine has more axises.
– It has a Drawing Program and simple Implementation program that has 5000 models you can use, edit, mix or draw new one, besides you have full control of parts of machine (step of starting, take the Coordinates of tools, speed and more).
– You can add or make 2D and 3D designs.
– The system of computer is Windows from Microsoft its a touch screen with keyboard and mouse (simple system to work with).
– The sensitivity of pens movement is 0.01 mm.
– Less pen’s thick is 0.1 mm.
– All parts of machine are Japanese parts from Mitsubishi Company.

Education options will be..
– In the company’s office in istanbul-Turkey (this offer has two night at hotel in Istanbul).
– Online using the machine’s computer as facetime.
– We can visit you in your country for teaching.

– Support video calling on the same computer of machine for any question or help
– USB flash has
– Programs that you can use to draw on it with any computer
– Full teaching videos
– Gallery of samples that we made on the machine
– 5 years of guarantee of full machine (electronic parts have 2 years of guarantee)
– East international shipping
– Easy transfer money using bank or any exchange office
– English – Russian – Arabic and Turkish speakers

Power to work
– The machine needs 220 volt of electric 50Hz (Normal Electric)
– Small air compressor

With Machine
– Set of 35 yellow copper pieces to put the rings on (from 5 mm to 40 mm)
– Set of 10 pieces to put the bracelets on (sizes come as customer wants)
– 8 pens (shape and size come as customer wants)